[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 8 April 2022

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These are the new Funko releases on 8 April 2022:

[Available in-stores & online at www.simplytoys.sg]
*certain items are only available either at the selected stores or online, we seek your kind understanding*

Online: https://simplytoys.sg/collections/funko-new-release


Pop! Rocks: BTS - Dynamite - #222 Jimin
Pop! Rocks: BTS - Dynamite - #224 Jungkook
Pop! Rocks: BTS - Dynamite - #223 V

Pop! South Park: Stick Of Truth - #31 High Elf King Kyle
Pop! South Park: Stick Of Truth - #32 Paladin Butters
Pop! South Park: Stick Of Truth - #33 Ranger Stan Marshwalker

Pop! Marvel: WandaVision #828 Levitating Scarlet Witch iEX
Pop! Marvel: Avengers - #855 Wanda Maximoff (GW) iEX

Pop! Marvel: SM: NWH - #911 Spider-Man (Black & Gold)
Pop! Marvel: SM: NWH -#912 Doctor Strange
Pop! Marvel: SM: NWH - #913 Spider-Man (Integrated Suit)


These items will be in-stores tomorrow (8 April 2022). Items availability solely depends on the schedule of delivery. Reservation for the newly released items is not allowed.
*Chase items are released on Saturdays for redemption on a first come first serve basis.

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