Pre-order FAQ

Pre-ordering and Buying High-end Collectibles from Simply Toys

For most collectible products, manufacturers all over the world are taking preorders. Hence, to ensure you secure your product before it is sold out, we, Simply Toys take a preorder deposit from you. When we take a cash deposit from you, that will mean it is a confirmed order unless the item is BADLY allocated by the manufacturer; in this instance, those who have ordered earlier will take priority over those who have ordered later. You will get to buy the item at the prevailing price at the time of pre-order. An estimated 30% deposit is required for all preorders. As the seller, we will definitely fulfill your order as long as you collect the item within 1 month from the time the item arrives and likewise for you as a buyer, you are required to purchase your pre-ordered item when it arrives. Hence, a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required.

Here are some Q & A for customers intending to preorder from us:

  • Q. What happens if I decide not to buy the item after putting a pre-order deposit?
    A. A preorder is a commitment between Simply Toys and the buyer. Simply Toys reserves the right to refund the deposit only when we are able to sell off or transfer the deposit to another customer. However, should we not be able to sell off your piece within 1 month from the time of arrival, the deposit will be forfeited as restock fee.
  • Q. Is there a time-frame to collect the item when it is in stock?
    A. Yes, we suggest all customers to collect the pre-ordered item within 1 month of the time of arrival. Failure to do so may risk the chance of pre-order being sold or not have a replacement of item should item have manufacturer's fault.
  • Q. What happens if the Manufacturer decided to stop production of the item after putting my pre-order deposit?
    A. Simply Toys will give you a 100% refund if you pay in cash. Should you pay by credit card or NETS, we will issue you Simply Toys credits of equivalent value or you can transfer the amount to other purchases / pre-order deposits.
  • Q. If item is damaged when item arrives, will I get a replacement?
    A. If your item is obviously a manufacturer's fault, we will definitely open another fresh piece for your inspection. However, should the "flaw" happen to be minor problem, by no fault of the manufacturer, we will allow the customer to choose a piece between that new piece and an undamaged display piece.