[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 12 April 2022

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These are the new Funko releases on 12 April 2022:

Online: https://simplytoys.sg/collections/funko-new-release


Pop! Marvel: Loki - #895 Loki
Pop! Marvel: Loki - #896 Mobius
Pop! Marvel: Loki - #897 Sylvie w/ Cape
Pop! Marvel: Loki - #901 Alligator Loki iEX

Pop! Marvel: What If - #871 T’Challa Star-Lord
Pop! Marvel: What If - #874 Doctor Strange Supreme

Pop! Marvel: What If S3 - #973 Infinity Ultron
Pop! Marvel What If S3 - #972 Frost Giant Loki
Pop! Marvel What If S3 - #971 Queen General Ramonda
Pop! Marvel What If S3 - #970 Gamora w/ Blade of Thanos
Pop! MarvelWhat If S3 - #969 Infinity Killmonger
Pop! Marvel What If S3 - #968 Captain Carter (Stealth Suit)

Pop! TV: Hawkeye - #1211 Hawkeye
Pop! TV: Hawkeye - #1213 Yelena w/Chase

Pop! Movies: Space Jam 2 - #1085 Marvin the Martian
Pop! Movies: Space Jam 2 - #1090 LeBron (Alt #2)

Pop! Town: HP Anniversary - #27 Dumbledore Hogwarts

Mini Vinyl Figures: HP- 12PC PDQ iEX


These items will be in-stores tomorrow (12 April 2022). Items availability solely depends on the schedule of delivery. Reservation for the newly released items is not allowed.
*Chase items are released on Saturdays for redemption on a first come first serve basis.

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