Funko (Chase) Pop! Redemption

Certain Funko Pop! comes with a Chase variant - these Chase variants feature a different prop, posture, or paint application as compared to the regular (common) version.

Funko (Chase) Pop! is considered to be a limited Pop! as it is produced on a limited number, along with Chase sticker pasted on the front box window.

[Below] An Example of a Regular 4" Funko (Chase) Pop! with Chase sticker.

[Below] An Example of a Regular 4" Funko Pop!


How to Redeem a Funko (Chase) Pop! from Simply Toys:

  1. Via Membership Points Redemption  
(For Simply Toys members only) The Funko (Chase) Pop! is only available (via redemption) at Simply Toys @ Plaza Singapura, SingPost Centre & City Square Mall. The redemption is only available on every Saturday at the retail stores mentioned earlier - on a first come, first served basis. We suggest customers to call for confirmation before heading down to the stores. No reservations or requests for inter-shop transfers are allowed.

Points Redemption? How?
Simply Toys members can redeem the Funko (Chase) Pop! with Simply Toys (ST) Membership Points along with the indicated prices of the Pop!

[For e.g.] To redeem a Regular 4" Funko (Chase) Pop! = $21.00 + 4 ST Membership Points

Membership Points required for Funko (Chase) Pop! Redemption:

  • Regular 4" Pop! = $21.00 + 4 ST Membership Points
  • Exclusive 4" Pop! = $26.00 + 8 ST Membership Points
  • Pop! Rides = Indicated Retail Price + 8 ST Membership Points
  • Super Sized 6" Pop! = Indicated Retail Price + 8 ST Membership Points
  • Jumbo Sized 10" Pop! = Indicated Retail Price + 8 ST Membership Points

Want to find out how to become a Simply Toys member and earn membership points? Click here to find out more.

  2. Purchase a Full Inner Carton  

(For public walk-in & non-members) Simply Toys does not sell the standalone Funko (Chase) Pop! in-stores or online.

However, to purchase the Funko (Chase) Pop! - you need to purchase a full inner carton of the same Pop! design at retail price, i.e. buying 5 Regular Pop! + 1 Chase Pop! *For other sizes, please reach out to our retail staff for more information before making a purchase!*

[For e.g.] For Non-members
A regular 4" Pop! is priced at $21.00.
5 Regular Funko Pop! + 1 Funko (Chase) Pop! is $21.00 x 6 =S$126.00

[For e.g.] For Members (The Chase piece will be charged at regular retail price)
A regular 4" Pop! is priced at $21.00. Member price is at $18.90
5 Regular Funko Pop! (5 x $18.90) + 1 Funko (Chase) Pop! ($21.00) is $115.50

How & where can I buy a full inner carton to get the Funko (Chase) Pop?

Only via Simply Toys stores. You may call our retail stores for enquiry. Please refer to the store detail here.