[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 5 August 2022

Apex Legends Crypto DC disney Frodo Games gamora guardians of the galaxy hannibal leprechaun Lord of the Rings Luther marvel Octane peacemaker peacemaker with eagly Revenant silence of the lambs Star Wars Star Wars Celebration The Umbrella Academy vigilante Wattson

These are the new Funko releases on 5 August 2022:

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FU63210 Pop! Deluxe: MARVEL - Guardians of the Galaxy Ship - Gamora (International Exclusive)

FU63980 Pop! Movies: Leprechaun - Leprechaun
FU63984 Pop! Movies: Silence of the Lambs - Hannibal

FU64181 Pop! TV: Peacemaker - Peacemaker with Eagly
FU64182 Pop! TV: Peacemaker - Peacemaker in TW
FU64183 Pop! TV: Peacemaker - Vigilante
FU65488 Assortment Pop! TV: Peacemaker

FU63998 Pop! Games: Apex Legends - Crypto
FU63999 Pop! Games: Apex Legends - Octane
FU64000 Pop! Games: Apex Legends - Revenant
FU64001 Pop! Games: Apex Legends - Wattson

FU64122 Pop! Star Wars: Star Wars Celebration 5-Pack SWC22 (International Exclusive)

FU64136 Vinyl SODA: The Umbrella Academy - Luther with Chase (International Exclusive)
FU64138 Vinyl SODA: Lord of the Rings - Frodo with Chase (International Exclusive)


1. These items will be available in-stores on Friday (5 August 2022).
2. Items availability solely depends on the schedule of delivery.
3. Reservation for the newly released items is not allowed.

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