[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 27 Oct 2020

These are the new Funko releases on 27 October 2020:

POP Disney: NBC- 10" Jack w/Zero
POP Disney: NBC- Mayor w/Megaphone w/Chase
POP Deluxe: NBC- Oogie w/Spinwheel(Neon) IE
POP Disney: NBC- Sandy Claws
POP Disney: NBC- Sally Sewing
POP Disney: NBC - Jack (scary face)
POP Disney: TNBC- Vampire Jack(GW) IE

POP Disney: Soul - 22
POP Disney: Soul - 22(Grinning)
POP Disney: Soul - Joe (Soul World)
POP Disney: Soul - Joe Gardner
POP Movies: Soul - Soul Cat
POP Movies: Soul - Mr Mittens
POP Movies: Soul - Moonwind
POP Movies: Soul - Soul 22 (GW) IE

POP Keychain: Soul - 22
POP Keychain: Soul - Soul Cat

Advent Calendar: The Nightmare Before Christmas 24pc

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