[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 23 Oct 2020

These are the new Funko releases on 23 October 2020:

POP Star Wars:Rise of Skywalker-Sith Jet Trooper (SDCC 2020)

POP Animation: DBZ S8- 10" Shenron Dragon
POP HP: HP- Harry in Invisibility Cloak IE
POP HP: HP – Patronus Harry Potter
POP HP: HP – Patronus Hermione
POP HP: HP - Patronus Ron Weasley
POP Movies: UM- Invisible Man (B&W) IE
POP Movies: UM- Frankenstein w/Flower(GW) IE
POP Movies: #993 Barbara Maitland - Beetlejuice
POP Movies: #992 Adam Maitland - Beetlejuice
POP Movie: #979 ES - Edward Scissorhands
POP Movie: #981 ES - Kim Boggs
POP Movie: #980 ES - Edward in Dress Clothes
POP Deluxe: ES- Edward & DinoHedge
POP TV: Creepshow- The Creep
POP TV: Creepshow- Genie
POP TV: Creepshow- Scarecrow

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