[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 27 May 2022

chip & dale DC disney goofy Jaws john cena Lilo & Stitch Mystery Mini Pooh robocop superman the rock vinyl soda wwe

These are the new Funko releases on 27 May 2022:

Online: https://simplytoys.sg/collections/funko-new-release


Pop! Vinyl Comic Cover: DC - #01 Superman Action Comic
Pop! Artist Series: DTV - #30 Chip
Pop! Artist Series: DTV - #31 Dale
Pop! Artist Series: DTV - #45 Pooh (International Exclusive)
Pop! Moment: #1145 Jaws Eating Boat (International Exclusive)
Pop! Moment: #1200 Lilo & Stitch in Hammock
Pop! Moment: WWE - Cena vs Rock (2012)

Mini Vinyl Figures: Disney Classics - 12PC (International Exclusive)

Vinyl SODA: Disney- Goofy with Chase (International Exclusive)
Vinyl SODA: Robocop with Chase (International Exclusive)


1. These items will be available in-stores on Friday (27 May 2022).
2. Items availability solely depends on the schedule of delivery.
3. Reservation for the newly released items is not allowed.

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