[NEW FUNKO RELEASES] on 1 August 2023

Avengers Barbie Bumble Bee DC Gold Disco Barbie Harry Potter Lapras Mandalorian Marvel MHA My Hero Academia Optimus Prime Pikachu Pokemon President Barbie Rise of the Beasts Star Wars The Child Transformers Western Barbie Western Ken

These are the new Funko releases on 1 August 2023:

New items are NOT available online & Simply Toys @ VivoCity.


FU63953 Pop! Movies: Transformers Rise of the Beasts - Optimus Prime 1372

FU63954 Pop! Movies: Transformers Rise of the Beasts - Bumble Bee 1373

FU72635 Pop! Movies: Barbie - Gold Disco Barbie 1445

FU72636 Pop! Movies: Barbie - Western Ken 1446

FU72637 Pop! Movies: Barbie - Western Barbie 1447

FU72638 Pop! Movies: Barbie - President Barbie 1448



FU43263 Pop! Games: Pokémon - Pikachu (waving) 553

FU48398 Pop! Games: Pokémon S3 - Rattata 595

FU62265 Pop! Games: Pokémon - Lapras 864

FU62266 Pop! Games: Pokémon - Leafeon 866

FU36659 Pop! Marvel: Avengers Endgame - Hulk (Team Suit) 451

FU36672 Pop! Marvel: Avengers Endgame - Thanos 453


FU43333 Pop! Marvel: Holiday - Groot 530

FU46952 Pop! Marvel: 80th - First Appearance Spider-Man 593

FU48740 Pop! Star Wars: Mandalorian - The Child 368

FU49011 Pop! Animation: Demon Slayer - Inosuke Hashibira 870

FU51071 Pop! Heroes: DC Holiday - Santa Joker 358

FU51152 Pop! Harry Potter: Holiday - Harry Potter 122

FU51154 Pop! Harry Potter: Holiday - Ron Weasley 124

FU51155 Pop! Harry Potter: Holiday - Dumbledore 125

FU57360 Pop! Deluxe: Harry Potter Anniversary - Harry Pushing Trolley 135

FU68739 Pop! Deluxe: My Hero Academia MHA - Kurogiri (Hideout, International Exclusive)


1. These items will be available in-stores on Tuesday (1 August 2023).

2. Items availability solely depends on the schedule of delivery.

3. Reservation for newly released items is not allowed.

4. *Chase Pop!s are released on Saturdays for redemption on a first-come-first-serve basis. Chase Pop!s are NOT available online.
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